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UK Fire Curtains products for the containment of fire and smoke are suitable for all building types, from individual commercial applications including retail and office space to any other commercial building project or type.  

All our products are custom-made to fit your need and represent a cost-effective solution for your project.  

The fire/smoke curtain itself is made of a flexible, coated, wire reinforced e-glass cloth and sewn with polymer coated stainless steel thread and conforms to BS476-6:1989 + A1:2009 & BS476-7:1997

The curtain is housed out of site in a box section, ensuring minimal visual impact. It descends on rails and there is a headbox in which the curtain motor is located.

Our fire and smoke curtains are all compliant with the following standards:

BS 476 Part 22 • EN 12101-1:2006 • EN 12101 – 1: 2005 & A1: 2006 • BS 8434 – 2 • BSEN 949: 2000 • BSEN 1636 – 1: 1999 • BSEN 1363-1: 2000 • BSEN 1363-2: • BSEN 1634-1: 2000 • BS 8434 – 2 • EN 13501 – 2: 2007 & A1: 2009 • BSEN 1634 – 3: 2004

Apartment Lobby Fire Curtain

Fire Curtain

Further Information

All UK Fire Curtain products are put through rigorous and thorough tests for smoke and fire containment which exceed the requirements of UK, EU and international legislation on fire safety standards.

Our products offer 60 minute fire and smoke protection for your building and function with an automated controlled descent system which is triggered by your alarm system. They can also be lowered manually by gravity.

Control System Further Details

In the case of a fire curtain less than 6 meters wide, the controller is fitted to a single roller. If your requirement is wider than 6 meters, the same system will be attached to multiple rollers. If you have multiple fire/ smoke curtains, the same group controller will operate all curtain

  • Group control system can operate single or multiple fire curtain motors, up to a maximum of 20
  • Our controllers are installed exclusively with products supplied by UK Fire Curtains
  • Suitable for any type of premises or installation


Single/ Group Control System

Fire Curtain Single/ Group Controller

Our experienced engineers can deliver and install your fire/smoke curtain at any UK location.  We also provide supply only to to both U.K. and international customers.

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